Michael O'Doherty

Michael O’Doherty

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Michael O’ Doherty joined Cushman & Wakefield Pacific Commercial Realty Advisors in August 2014 as Chief Operations Officer. He oversees and coordinates all aspects of the operations of the company. He embodies experience in office management, sales and marketing, finance and strategic planning. He originally came to the Central Valley to be member of the Fresno State Football team, where he played for the final two years of his college career. Since then, he’s gone on to earn a Master’s Degree in Business and to develop a résumé that spans more than 20 years in the financial services industry. He possess extensive knowledge about commercial real estate underwriting and financing; fire, life, and casualty aspects of the insurance industry; and business operations in a multi-office environment. He also served active duty with the United States Marine Corps, and after college was a member of the U.S,. Army with California National Guard.



As a Veteran who returned to the civilian world my life was really twisted. There were so many issues, and I had no idea of where to get help. Luckily my athletic background gave me a chance to be noticed. I can’t imagine where I would be without all the help, in so many ways, from the great people at Riverside City College (RCC) as it was known then. Without them I doubt I would have ever reached so many of my personal goals. > Now; I want to make sure we help others who are as confused and intimidated by the Educational World as I was. Let’s make sure they get the help and guidance needed to achieve their dreams.